Nailpad is here to solve all your home nail painting dilemmas. Polish spills and uneven nail painting surfaces can become a thing of the past. Nailpad offers a handy, portable surface along with a nail polish pot holder to ensure smooth polish application and avoidance of the dreaded polish spill.

Since I found Nailpad, painting nails is now easier, steadier and far less stressful…

Tori and Carrie worked to perfect the Nailpad design to help solve common problems when painting nails. 

Tori explains, ‘We focused on the design to achieve the best size – small enough when folded to be popped into a handbag. A practical size pot holder –  to fit virtually all sizes and shape of nail varnish. Finally we added a fold out leg to keep the Nailpad surface steady when painting nails.’

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Black Nailpad to paint nails at home to avoid polish spills with a steady surface

Sick of nail polish spills?

Nailpad’s integrated nail polish pot holder means the worry of pesky polish spills can be a thing of the past.

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Paint nails together and pamper for a home manicure and pedicure

In need of a flat surface?

Nailpad provides the perfect flat and even surface to ensure you can paint your nails comfortably without the worry of the wobbles. 

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pink nailpad for nail painting at home to avoid nail polish spills

Nails on the go?

The perfectly portable Nailpad folds neatly in half making it the ideal travel companion to pop into your handbag for nails on the go.

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  • Katie

    "Loved the Nailpad. Great to have a place to put my polish. I do my nails at home a few times a week so this is perfect."

  • Abigail

    "I love using the nailpad. No more balancing my varnish on a magazine! It’s my go to when I paint my nails and comes on holiday with me."

  • Katrin

    "What a great little useful item to have. Thank you Nailpad ladies."