Prevent Polish Spills

How a Nailpad helps prevent spilled nail polish

Eight years ago we (Tori and Carrie, Nailpad creators) came up with our idea for Nailpad. We are huge fans of painting nails at home but would always end up chatting about the problems we faced when painting nails. Things like trying to balance a bottle of nail polish between knees or using a slippery magazine to lean on, all the while worrying about spilling nail polish. Countless times we would watch a nail polish bottle spill on the carpet, wooden floor, jeans, on the table or an unprotected surface.

And that’s what inspired us to design Nailpad. A portable, small, round manicure table, that helps prevent nail polish bottle spills and unsteady surfaces. Here are the design features we factored into our Nailpad to help others feel safer and more secure when painting their nails at home…

1. A nail polish pot-holder to keep most bottle shapes secure

We tested many different nail polish bottle shapes and the final design accommodates most sizes. In all four positions of Nailpad use, you’ll feel safer knowing the nail polish bottle is unlikely to spill if used correctly. It will help save your jeans from nail polish spills.

2. A flat, stable surface to paint nails

When used on your knees, the Nailpad folds out giving you a stable, flat surface. Your hand can rest on an even, smooth surface, limiting the chance of a nail polish bottle spill. 

3. A fold-out leg to help stability

The fold-out Nailpad leg provides more security when you’re painting nails on your knee. Position the leg between your knees to keep the Nailpad steady, limiting the chance of a nail polish spill.

4. Peace of mind for a pedicure

The Nailpad can also be used for home pedicures. Lay it flat on the floor with your nail polish in the pot-holder and your toes resting on the Nailpad. You’ll limit the possibility of a nail polish spill on the carpet or floor with a safe place to contain your nail polish.

5. A handy, portable size

When fully opened, the Nailpad is 15cm in diameter. It’s a great travel size. Handy to tuck in your handbag for on-the-go manicures or pack in your suitcase when you’re heading off on holiday. You can also store your manicure accessories inside – nail file, buffer and cuticle stick.

If you’d like buy a Nailpad, we sell a pink and black one for £12.95 in our shop. If you have any questions, please email

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