Our Story

Carrie and Tori, female entrepreneurs and Nailpad creators


Hi! We are Tori & Carrie. Identical twin sisters, best friends and Mums. We excitingly created and launched Nailpad together. Our idea for this little handy portable nail painting surface was hatched after chatting about the dilemmas we faced when trying to paint our nails.

The Problem

Problematic issues such as dreaded nail polish spills after trying to balance a polish between our knees, the slippery slide of using a magazine as a surface, and keeping polish off surface areas were just some of the reasons that lead us into developing the Nailpad concept.

Over the years between family life and Nailpad, we have channelled our time and energy into bringing our vision to life and making nail painting at home that little bit easier.

Pink Black Nailpad helps manicure and pedicure at home or on the go

The Solution

So here it - Nailpad – a nifty portable nail painting surface complete with nail polish holder to keep your polish secure. Nail painting has never been easier.

Once you have painted your nails with a Nailpad you won’t look back – it is your essential nail painting partner!

We always welcome thoughts and feedback so feel free to drop us an email.

Tori & Carrie x



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